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Day 9: Drenched

Just when I thought the room couldn’t get any hotter…

I got into class around 5 minutes before the start, which I consider late because it’s hard to find a spot by that time. I felt irritated by the traffic (took me 45 minutes to drive there from home…talk about dedication!) so I knew it was going to be a good class. When I walked in, there was only a tiny spot in the far right corner, so I camped out there. Next to the thermostat…. mayyybe not a great idea?

I kept looking at the thermostat at every situp in the second half of class.

Hot Hot HOT!

It hit 114 degrees at one point.

Let me say right now… I am NEVER sitting over there again! I mean, I’ve definitely been in equal or hotter heat before. But, for some reason, knowing the exact temperature number really messed with my head. I kept praying for the class to be over because I was really struggling, from bow-pulling pose all the way through spine twist.

I didn’t feel too guilty laying down after triangle, especially since Francisco told us that we should listen to our own bodies or else he’ll smack us. This guy is something else. I love the energy! And the sweat. And the sleep at night…

After class I had the pleasure of meeting the grateful yogini in person. What a beautiful individual she is! Wish we had more time to chat… find me next time, girl!! We need to talk before class when we’re not so worn out 🙂

Day 8: Exhaustion and Comedy

Two nights ago I got about 4 hours of continuously interrupted sleep (stupid me drank a cappuccino at dinner), and was yawning all day until I went to class. Last night – a deep, deep 8 hours of amazing sleep. Only to be tired and yawning all day today! I am convinced that this new daily routine is starting to catch up to me.

We had a beautiful one inch of snowfall late this morning, and everybody in my team at work left to go home to either (a) avoid worse road conditions or (b) pick their kids up from early dismissal. My ass stayed put because I knew I had to make my after-work 6pm class… how else was I going to thaw out my frosty toes? 😉

I experienced a new teacher today, Francisco. This guy was HILARIOUS. His teaching style was very unique, weaving in anecdotes from his teaching experience in other cities like San Fran and NYC. All while keeping the energy going and motivating us to do what we can. He shared a hilarious story during half moon about a lady approaching him after class asking him if “weird things are supposed to happen during camel pose.” He said of course… to which she responded: “I had an orgasm.” This story made half the class bust out in laughter while stretching to the right…despite messing up our breathing for a second, it certainly put a smile on everyone’s face!

During our final savasana, he said something that really stuck with me: “The breath is the most important thing. Just remember to breathe. It gets intense in here. Who cares? So does life.”

Then he ended with something I’ll never forget:

“Thank you all for coming to class tonight….hope you have a good evening. And for the first-timers…good morning. For you have just awaken. Namaste.”

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