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Gaining Perspective

This has been a very interesting week. On Monday, I celebrated one year of maintaining my pescetarian diet! This was a huge milestone for me considering I’ve been a carnivore most of my life  (although I did go 6 years without red meat). I feel healthier, weigh less, and am at more peace with myself knowing that I’m doing my part in helping the environment and animal welfare. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I guess the only annoying part was having to explain to people what it meant to be a pescetarian. I usually kept my answers short and to the point, and moved on. I plan on continuing the diet going forward, perhaps with a little more leniancy.

Speaking of moving on, Monday was also a day I faced some serious personal issues when a HUGE road block came my way. I found myself reacting and defending myself at first, but slowly accepted that the road block was there and there was nothing I could do to change that. Tuesday, I evaluated the block and how I could get around it. By Wednesday, I retracted and found myself reacting again, so I went straight back to being present, loving myself, and accepting the situation on the best note I could leave it on. By Thursday – and after much reading of inspirational quotes and watching hilarious YouTube videos & late night TV(laughter really IS the best medicine!) – I was already seeing so much progress. This goes to show that PERSPECTIVE, OPTIMISM, and ACCEPTANCE can be such powerful tools. I’ve been blessed to have a solid head on my shoulders and while my emotions may get the best of me sometimes, my resilience always come through at the end of the day.  Yoga, great friends, a sense of humor, and my loving family helped me along the way, in their own individual ways. Today, I open myself up to new experiences and thank God for blessing me with another day to live.

How do you cope with the major road blocks in your life?

Six Weeks In!

Today marks my 6th week of no land meat. I am actually surprised I’ve been able to make it this far, and even more surprised that it gets easier by the day. I’ve been discovering new food options more often (hopefully I’ll get some time to share some amazing recipes on here, time willing) and trying new things as well.

I did run into a bit of a speed bump last Thursday, though. While visiting my dear friend Caroline in the brand new and gorgeous Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor, we stopped in the seafood restaurant (keeping the name anonymous) to grab dinner. I ordered the mussels, ignoring the descriptive line beneath it. After going through about 1 of the 2 dozen mussels, I noticed round pieces of food mixed in with the broth. At first glance, I thought they were carrots. But then after asking the waitress… she told me they were “chorizos” – which in spanish means… *cringe*… SAUSAGES!? I silently panicked as she walked away, then when she was out of sight, I pushed the hot pot away from me.

When she returned, I calmly told her that I don’t eat pork, and she started to apologize profusely. She took away the pot, and of course took the charge off the bill (without my asking)… which helped with my anger a bit.

This incident reminded me that, no matter how modest I tend to get, to ALWAYS ask if there’s any other type of meat in the dish being served! It will save the guilt and regret afterwards.

But, alas… I’m not upset about it anymore. Besides, I need to constantly remind myself this is a learning experience for me and that mistakes will be made!

Which leads me to a question for you pescatarians/veg*ns out there – have you ever encountered a situation where you accidentally ate meat (or other food items) forbidden from your diet? I imagine this is much harder for vegans to deal with, especially starting out. Share your story…!

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