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21 Songs I Loved When I Was 21!

Just takin’ a trip down memory lane… let’s rewind to 2002-2003…

  1. “Frontin” -Pharrell feat. Jay-Z
  2. “Ignition” – R. Kelly
  3. “In Da Club” – 50 Cent
  4. “Right Thurr” – Chingy
  5. “Rock Your Body” – Justin Timberlake
  6. “What’s Luv?” – Fat Joe feat. Ashanti
  7. “U Got it Bad” – Usher
  8. “Beautiful” – Christina Aguilera
  9. “Where is the Love?” – Black Eyed Peas
  10. “Cry Me a River” – Justin Timberlake
  11. “Jenny From the Block” – J. Lo
  12. “Ain’t it Funny” – J. Lo feat. Ja Rule
  13. “Without Me” – Eminem
  14. “I Can” – Nas
  15. “Hey Baby” – No Doubt
  16. “Girlfriend” – N’Sync feat. Nelly
  17. “Oops (Oh My)” – Tweet
  18. “Move B**ch” – Ludacris
  19. “Bring Me To Life” – Evanescence
  20. “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” – Kylie Minogue
  21. “Like I Love You” – Justin Timberlake

Who is Sheri?


If you’ve read my first few blog posts, you’ve probably wondered who was behind the words and ideas. My name is Sheri and I am a first-year graduate student at Georgetown University. I am majoring in PR/Corporate Communications, which has so far proved to be very challenging and interesting! I am taking two courses, and this blog was originated as an ongoing assignment for my Social Media class. However, I fully intend on keeping this blog going long after the class is over. I will try to post on a (semi-)regular basis with an interesting tidbit or two 🙂 Here’s just a few of my main interests, and some background:


I always remember keeping a journal. I was never consistent, but technology has made it easier than ever. I started writing poetry 18 years ago, and published some of my works online as early as 2001. I am now using a more convenient method of expressing myself not only to better understand myself, but for the world to experience. I hope to publish my own book of poetry in the near future.

I’ve been a professional Technical Writer since I graduated from UMBC four years ago; it is tough adhering to so many rules when my inner creative juice wants to flow! But I’ve learned a LOT.

Yoga, Running, and Fitness

While I was an athletic child (swim team and soccer), I found myself being less and less active towards the end of high school. After college, I started picking goals for myself such as 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathon (13.1 miles) races – it was the only way I could keep myself in consistent shape. I finally gathered the courage to run the Marine Corps Marathon (26.2 miles) in October 2008. It was one of the most amazing (and painful) experiences of my life! I picked up Yoga to keep myself flexible and injury-free.

Fitness is a huge part of my life because it keeps me sane, focused, and boosts my confidence levels out the roof 😉



This is definitely one of my “girlier” interests. While my knowledge on the subject of fashion is limited to reality shows like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, I have such a deep love and appreciation for hair, skin, makeup, and wardrobe.


Raised on classical piano instruction, I’ve always had an emotional connection with music in more ways that my peers did. Today, my taste ranges from Drum and Bass to Classic Rock to Jazz to Metal to Hip Hop. I listen to what suits my mood. I support local artists by going to DC area shows on a regular basis.


Having grazed the East and West Coasts, parts of Europe and the Middle East, and Mexico – I continually hunger for more exploration. If I had to list all of the places I’d want to visit, we’d be here a while. Don’t get me wrong, my hometowns of Philly and DC are wonderful. I just really appreciate culture and adventurous life experiences.


I never though I’d admit this, but politics is my guilty pleasure. Again, my knowledge to this area is somewhat limited but I find it all so captivating, and makes my life not seem so dramatic 😉

The Long Tail Theory

Back when I was in middle school, radio was my primary source of the hottest songs and artists. I always had my cassette tape ready to record the latest song on the radio so that I could go back and listen to it repeatedly until the next hit came along. Sometimes I would go purchase the whole CD if I really loved the track (Fiona Apple, anyone?) or if a friend recommended something. My taste in music was essentially chosen for me by radio stations and record stores. And to think, that was only 15 years ago.


In his revolutionary book, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson efficiently outlines the concept of business demand moving more down the path of niches and further away from “hits” where all the competition lies. This has proven to be increasingly true

in my personal experience, thanks to the three forces of opportunity in this new marketplace (outlined below, see page 57). Anita Campbell from smallbiztrends.com argues that markets should focus their business models around the long tail, and as Danny Iny so efficiently puts it:

Since you’re focusing on what makes you unique, you’re no longer trying to fit yourself to the same mold that all the other candidates are trying to fill – you’re creating your own.

Producers: Growing up, I was formally trained in classical piano and developed a deep appreciation for all genres of music.  In college, I experimented with a production tool called FruityLoops to create my own electronic beats. This was my extent of experience with production tools, but I’ve known an increasing number of people who have used these types of tools to their full extent and ability.

Aggregators: Once I reached college, the Napster world opened up doors I never knew existed. I built a library of nearly 11 gigs on my hard drive (which was a lot back in 2001!). Today, iTunes is my primary source of purchasing music. As for shopping, anything from Zappos.com to eBay.com are my primary retail sources.

Filters: Recently, last.fm, and MySpace have been my primary music discovery tools. Friends no longer rant and rave about new music through word of mouth, but rather through status and playlist updates. Recommendations have also been an invaluable resource (for books, movies, etc.), and usually act as the deciding factor on whether I would purchased a product.

The biggest difference I see now is that music is no longer chosen for me and products are not unpredictable. I have full control over the selection and quality of my media and products. This control will only increase as the Long Tail lengthens and thickens in unperceivable ways. This is especially true when you take Moore’s Law into account; the faster the tools, the longer the tail.

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