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Attitude in My Practice and Daily Life


I have been wanting to write on this topic for a few days now, but I couldn’t find the inspiration. Rule of thumb: want to be inspired? Go to a hot flow class. In San Diego. At Pilgrimage of the Heart. With Rachel Lubich 🙂

Rachel shared with us a story from her training immersion, and how the entire group was asked to give up one thing from midway through their training until completion. She chose “letting go of negative thoughts.” Then she welcomed us to set our intention to approaching our practice with a sense of curiosity and adventure, while leaving behind any negative thoughts.

This instantly put a smile on my face because I related to it instantly. Coming out to San Diego for teacher training was not just some spontaneous idea that I came up with one day. It was a process of wanting to go deeper within myself to explore or learn a part of myself that I didn’t know about before. I ventured to find what was within, and discovered way more than I expected–the kindness of complete strangers, and my own empathy and sensitivity to the suffering in others. I began to see more of the positive…in everything. Even through my darker hours and tears, I emerged more vibrant than a lotus flower at dawn.

My attitude has shifted drastically within a matter of six months. I’ve learned to accept selfless love and let go of selfish love. I’ve chosen to see the positive in all things and detoxify the negative. I attribute most (if not all) of this attitude shift to my increased frequency of practicing yoga and meditation, as well as the encouragement/support from my friends and family. I’m less critical of myself on and off the mat, and find myself finding inspiration all around me.

That said, I still have my “bad” days (we all do), but along with my improved attitude…I can view those days from a different perspective and not let them knock me over!

And for all of this…I am grateful 🙂

Day 17: Christmas Day Spirit

Christmas Yoga!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was so happy BYT offered Christmas Day classes! I originally signed up for the 10am then decided last night that I wanted to sleep in after staying up til 1am watching the Disney Pixar flick Bolt with my family. So I switched it to noon, then realized I had brunch plans with my family late morning. Scratched that class, and signed up for 4pm. Whew!

Rana taught a great class, I think maybe only a dozen people showed up, but the energy in the room was really good. Today and yesterday were very positive days for me. I feel like I’m breathing more and more into my hips, which is helping to open them up. I took some extra time after class to chill out and meditate. I feel so… incredibly… ZEN… 🙂

We’re expecting up to 5 inches of snow starting late tonight/early tomorrow through Monday. Let’s hope this doesn’t impact the roads too badly…

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