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Days 12 & 13: A Spiritual Double

I finally did what I said to myself before that I’d never do. I did my 12th class at 6pm with Insel, then came back at midnight for the silent candlelight class. A double! The 6pm class went smoothly… and I purposely didn’t push myself too hard knowing that I’d be back in several short hours. It’s really starting to catch up on me knowing that I have to rinse my mat after each use…and I’m going through clothing SO quickly. Literally, doing laundry every 4 or 5 days! Crazy.

The midnight class was such a treat, and was scheduled to bring in the winter solstice and lunar eclipse . This rare event that occurs every 372 years was indeed a spiritual one, and I couldn’t imagine commemorating it in any other way. I was also very surprised at the turnout, the studio was jam packed…around 50 people! Silly me for thinking I would be one of the few crazies that showed up at such a late hour. This community is truly dedicated to the practice and I feel so  humbled and honored to be a part of it!

They added a child’s pose to the beginning of the class, and about a dozen meditative “ohms” at the end. I’ve never felt such strong energy in one room in my entire life! We moved quickly and swiftly through each posture. The silence was delicious.

I’ll admit I came into work 3 hours late due to going to bed at 3am after watching the moon turn red. But… it was definitely worth it 🙂 I’m also surprised at how good and at peace I feel today.

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