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I’m in my final 2 semesters at Georgetown grad, and am currently enrolled in a Global Communications class. The focus is on social media, and we study a new country every week. It’s been quite a journey, and we finish with a blast in London for a week starting August 14.

So, despite what you may have been thinking, I HAVE still been writing! Just not on my personal blog. Visit the class blog to read all mine (and my classmates’) blogs. More specifically:

This is the group blog for the Georgetown University Global Communications class taking place over the Summer semester in 2010.  The format of the class is to focus on a different region of the world every week and the students research and share insights from their research into interesting and unique ways that social media is being used in each country.

Thanks for visiting our blog and please leave a comment if something sparks a thought from one of our posts!


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