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Day 9: Drenched

Just when I thought the room couldn’t get any hotter…

I got into class around 5 minutes before the start, which I consider late because it’s hard to find a spot by that time. I felt irritated by the traffic (took me 45 minutes to drive there from home…talk about dedication!) so I knew it was going to be a good class. When I walked in, there was only a tiny spot in the far right corner, so I camped out there. Next to the thermostat…. mayyybe not a great idea?

I kept looking at the thermostat at every situp in the second half of class.

Hot Hot HOT!

It hit 114 degrees at one point.

Let me say right now… I am NEVER sitting over there again! I mean, I’ve definitely been in equal or hotter heat before. But, for some reason, knowing the exact temperature number really messed with my head. I kept praying for the class to be over because I was really struggling, from bow-pulling pose all the way through spine twist.

I didn’t feel too guilty laying down after triangle, especially since Francisco told us that we should listen to our own bodies or else he’ll smack us. This guy is something else. I love the energy! And the sweat. And the sleep at night…

After class I had the pleasure of meeting the grateful yogini in person. What a beautiful individual she is! Wish we had more time to chat… find me next time, girl!! We need to talk before class when we’re not so worn out 🙂

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