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Bottomless Tummy

Week 4 of P90x is almost complete, and I have to be honest – I’m surprised. I thought this “recovery week” would be easy. Instead, I’m finding that I crash hard once a week (falling asleep as soon as I get home from work & sleeping through the whole night) AND… my appetite is endless.

I literally will eat anything in sight. All. The. Time.

Well… except for sweets. And this is coming from someone with a significant sweet tooth! I’ve cut sweets out for the most part except for Fridays, which is when I give myself a free pass.

My roommate’s boyfriend, a personal trainer and body builder, suggested upping my calorie intake. I’ve slowly begun to do this but have been careful because I don’t want to revert all the progress I’ve already made (lost 5 lbs, toned up like crazy).

Being conscious of all this, I’ve been getting better about keeping healthy options around me so I’m not gorging on nasty junk. It’s hard though, since my 1-year anniversary of pescetarianism is coming up on August 8th — sometimes I still feel like my food options are still limited and I find myself sneaking a fatty egg sandwich on starchy white bread at 7-11 on the way home after a late night. However, this all goes back to my lack of motivation to COOK! All it takes is a little extra planning at the beginning of the week. More thoughts on this to follow.

For now, think healthy snacks.

Next step, meals on the go…

Days 12 & 13: A Spiritual Double

I finally did what I said to myself before that I’d never do. I did my 12th class at 6pm with Insel, then came back at midnight for the silent candlelight class. A double! The 6pm class went smoothly… and I purposely didn’t push myself too hard knowing that I’d be back in several short hours. It’s really starting to catch up on me knowing that I have to rinse my mat after each use…and I’m going through clothing SO quickly. Literally, doing laundry every 4 or 5 days! Crazy.

The midnight class was such a treat, and was scheduled to bring in the winter solstice and lunar eclipse . This rare event that occurs every 372 years was indeed a spiritual one, and I couldn’t imagine commemorating it in any other way. I was also very surprised at the turnout, the studio was jam packed…around 50 people! Silly me for thinking I would be one of the few crazies that showed up at such a late hour. This community is truly dedicated to the practice and I feel so  humbled and honored to be a part of it!

They added a child’s pose to the beginning of the class, and about a dozen meditative “ohms” at the end. I’ve never felt such strong energy in one room in my entire life! We moved quickly and swiftly through each posture. The silence was delicious.

I’ll admit I came into work 3 hours late due to going to bed at 3am after watching the moon turn red. But… it was definitely worth it 🙂 I’m also surprised at how good and at peace I feel today.

Day 7: Milestone…one of many

What a day. What a frustrating, frustrating day to start. But…

I did it.

Seven days of Bikram in a row.

I’ve never even worked out 7 consecutive days in my entire life. I still amaze myself at how much more patient I am, after just a week! A newbie hit me in the head with her jacket as I removed my shoes at the entrance, and instead of getting upset, I helped her find the locker room. And instead of allowing her to change outside of the locker room (I don’t know why she wanted to do that), I told her not to be shy and come inside as to avoid any men that may walk by her and witness her nakedness in the hallway. Wanted her to avoid any sweaty situation (no pun intended). Kindness goes a long way 😉

The 4pm class wasn’t very crowded, but around the 5th asana, I noticed a middle aged gentleman to my far right. He had a cast on his right ankle, and completed the entire 90 minutes sitting in a chair. All I kept thinking was… “what…a…champ…!” This guy exemplified what dedication is all about.


Day 6: Bright & Early

Okay, so I have to admit… while waking up at 5am really sucks most of the time, I somehow enjoyed it this morning. Rob bought me an iHome for Christmas before he left, along with his old iPod shuffle with all the good R&B songs on it… so I woke up to the soothing sounds of John Legend. It really set an amazing tone for the day and I enthusiastically went to class feeling amazing to start. Took it slow during class; Insel’s energy is something else, and it really helps wake me up. Then the cherry on top – I’m the first one on my team to make it into the office and already getting things done!

Things are lookin’ up 🙂

Day 5: A Bit Off

Tonight’s class was interesting. To start, I don’t think I properly nourished myself today since I was extra busy at work. I drank enough water, but didn’t get my veggies or fruits. I have recently cut out (most) coffee out of my life, meaning I was a moderate coffee drinker before and only have it about once a week on this new regimen. Definitely more water, though!

I was reminded of why I didn’t like the 6pm class… it gets packed!! I got there 15 minutes before class started and still found myself wedged between two mats. On top of that, it was HOT HOT HOTter than usual and I think I sweat more than I did the first 4 days. Then to put the cherry on top, the energy of those surrounding me didn’t seem on point (with a few exceptions where we were all in unison). I’m getting better on concentrating on my own reflection, which helps, but it was hard trying to avoid the reflection of the clumsy Indian man directly behind me, stumbling to and fro in the standing series. I didn’t let this break me, though, and got through it somehow, with only one break in the standing series and a break in the floor series.

I already feel stronger.

Signed up for tomorrow’s 6am… gonna suck getting up that early (I’ve only done it twice before) but at least I’ll have my space… and my peace!

Day 4: Applying Yoga Principles to Life

Day 4 was a good day. With each day that I decide to move forward with this challenge, my muscle soreness increasingly disappears.

I’m not going to go into detail because it is Monday today (going to my 5th class after work) and things aren’t going exactly the way I’d like them to. I’m not going to sit here and complain to the world… but I must say, my “zero to sixty” temper has really subsided… just as I start to get upset or annoyed at something, I bring my focus back to my breath and I’m almost instantly fine. It’s quite incredible, actually.

One of the memorable things that an instructor said the other day was the savings that yoga brings. The time, money, and sweat investment that goes into my yoga practices, will save even more money at the doctor, the chiropractor… and even the shrink. The physical and mental benefits are tremendous. Something to think about 🙂

Day 2: Sore Back

I definitely felt the effects from pushing myself in Day 1, when I walked into class Friday after work with my back screaming at me. I was already thinking about the possibility of dropping out of the challenge…and it’s only Day 2! But just as class started, my instructor’s encouragement and wise words put me into my mode and I instantly felt amazing. The studio felt much hotter than Day 1 and my heart was beating out my chest for the second half of class, but I was able to keep myself present and just focus on one thing at a time… without any panic.

Morning after… sore back is gone. Hamstrings are tight, and my left hand is a little more numb than usual from my ulnar nerve injury from 5 yrs ago. I’m really hoping this challenge will not only help detox my body, but will also help regenerate some feeling back in my hand. Fingers crossed.

Day 1: Overly Confident

I walked into practice last night feeling a little too good. I did each of the 26 postures with extra muscle strength and attention to my alignment. I pushed and pushed. A little too hard, I think. Because I felt the soreness immediately after class. This morning I woke up feeling sore and tense. Do I really have 29 more days left? How am I going to get through this afternoon’s class?

I need to take it easy…

One day at a time…

Today is the Day…

While my sweetheart is on a 4-week trip overseas, I decided it would be a good idea to keep myself busy by embarking on a 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge. I figure I have a year of experience under my belt, and what better time to detox my body and welcome in the new year?

Today is Day 1. I intend on keeping a log of my experience here. I’ve read up as much as possible on this and have been trying to recruit people to join me. I’ve received some interest but no commitment. Nevertheless, I’m doing this for myself so I won’t need to rely on anyone for help… but it would be nice to see some familiar faces every now and then 🙂 On the other hand, I need to stop being such a shy person and start socializing with the people at my studio.

Here we go… starting at Tysons, ending at Rockville

Resolution Time…

So I’m keeping my resolution semi cliche’ this year. Going for 10-15 lbs to lose and being HEALTHIER overall (i.e. making healthier food choices etc).

2010 here I come…

So far, have the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on my list. What other athletic journey should I embark on… perhaps another marathon by the end of 2010? That’ll put me up to 3 marathons! Sounds like a good number to me…

I will consult with runwashington.com and come back with a more specific racing goal! Now as I write this, I’d like to challenge myself to running a faster 5k and 10k. I’m fully capable of getting myself in shape, perhaps I need a coach… hmmm……

In a few hours my dear gentleman friend and I are going snowboarding for 3 days in a row in the beautiful Seven Springs Resort in PA, about an hour SE of Pittsburgh. Hopefully I won’t come back too sore seeing that I worked out for 2 hours today after taking a 3-week hiatus. Another resolution – go to lifetime fitness gym more often!! I pay so much as it is… the gym is beautiful 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings… I hope you have a successful and joyful 2010!! ❤   🙂 🙂

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