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Day 26: All Downhill From Here

For the last week or so, my favorite instructor Insel has been away from the studio. Today, he came back and I attended his 6pm class. Another super packed one as anticipated, so I’m glad I showed early.

It was another strong day for me despite the extreme heat and intense energy in the room. But it didn’t start that way. For some reason, I got really lightheaded during pranayama breathing and almost had to kneel. I think my mind was wandering too much and I slightly panicked as a result of the sensory overload all around me. Just as quickly as that feeling overcame me, I conquered it. And it was all downhill from there 🙂

Here are some of the major improvements I’ve been seeing in myself over the course of the last few weeks (I’ll expand on these in my final day’s post, and give a few tips for anyone who’s thinking of doing the challenge themselves):

  • Strength: Unlike my regular running days a couple years ago (which slimmed me down & strengthened my leg muscles), I’ve increased muscle strength all over my body.
  • Flexibility: Each day, I’m able to go juuuust a little bit deeper into my stretch. I wish I could’ve had someone photograph me in each posture in day 1 and compare it to now. Big improvement!
  • Breathing: My lung capacity has grown tremendously. I admit I used to be a casual smoker (picking one up only when I had an alcoholic drink in my hand), but since starting this challenge, I’ve stayed away for good. And cut back on drinking significantly.
  • Confidence: Although I started this challenge with a healthy level of confidence, I feel like this part of me has grown but not to a level of cockiness or self-righteousness.
  • Compassion: I am gentler and listen so much better not only with others, but also to myself. It’s like I’m more in tune with my inner voice.
  • Mental Stability: Road rage? Gone. Mood swings? Dampened. Panic & anxiety attacks? No more. I can go on and on. This is probably the greatest benefit of all!

I know I’m probably missing a few items but I know I’ll think of them before post #30 🙂

Day 17: Christmas Day Spirit

Christmas Yoga!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was so happy BYT offered Christmas Day classes! I originally signed up for the 10am then decided last night that I wanted to sleep in after staying up til 1am watching the Disney Pixar flick Bolt with my family. So I switched it to noon, then realized I had brunch plans with my family late morning. Scratched that class, and signed up for 4pm. Whew!

Rana taught a great class, I think maybe only a dozen people showed up, but the energy in the room was really good. Today and yesterday were very positive days for me. I feel like I’m breathing more and more into my hips, which is helping to open them up. I took some extra time after class to chill out and meditate. I feel so… incredibly… ZEN… 🙂

We’re expecting up to 5 inches of snow starting late tonight/early tomorrow through Monday. Let’s hope this doesn’t impact the roads too badly…

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