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Beauty and Health: Setting Limits


…for all the progress women have made over the years, there is still a deep divide.

This is a quote from my classmate’s thoughtful blog post, The Cult of Beauty. She was reacting to this Newsweek article which I found to be rather fascinating, and referred to some shocking statistics on how much money women spend on beauty throughout their lifetime.

In addition to the posted Newsweek article, I was quite intrigued by the comments left by readers. The seems to be an even deeper divide between inner and outer beauty, as well as peoples’ opinions on them. I have to agree that it’s sad that girls are beginning to obsess over makeup at younger and younger ages. I remember not even thinking twice about makeup until I reached the 6th grade when I saw a classmate applying mascara in the girl’s locker room. That was the point of no return; I was intrigued! But I remember how upset my parents would get if they ever saw me wearing lipstick; wow, they really flipped out when they saw my first attempt at trying to pluck my own eyebrows!

Let me first say, that I truly believe that there is a direct link between beauty, health, and confidence; the results of a healthy lifestyle is portrayed through an individual in the form of beauty and happiness. Beauty is not everything.

While the definition of feminine beauty varies from culture to culture and generation to generation, the core concept is the same: to feel good about yourself. However, if a woman is able to be confidence without any regard to her looks, more power to her! In a way, when a woman is feeling confident and beautiful on the inside, it can really show on the outside. This holds true for me some days, but other days – I feel more confident when my exterior is presentable (especially after getting a fresh haircut or buying a new cosmetic product) and I’m taking good care of myself (exercise & diet). Makeover shows such as 10 Years Younger, What Not to Wear, and even The Biggest Loser are perfect examples of how beauty and health affects your mood and character; I do admit though, some of the examples on those shows are over the top and it makes me wonder if any of the characters really keep up with the new lifestyle long after the show is over.

Some of this may sound superficial, but one thing holds true. We should not let beauty become an obsession for tweens and other youngsters; once it does, their morals become clouded and their innocence is lost way too early.

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