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Day 17: Christmas Day Spirit

Christmas Yoga!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was so happy BYT offered Christmas Day classes! I originally signed up for the 10am then decided last night that I wanted to sleep in after staying up til 1am watching the Disney Pixar flick Bolt with my family. So I switched it to noon, then realized I had brunch plans with my family late morning. Scratched that class, and signed up for 4pm. Whew!

Rana taught a great class, I think maybe only a dozen people showed up, but the energy in the room was really good. Today and yesterday were very positive days for me. I feel like I’m breathing more and more into my hips, which is helping to open them up. I took some extra time after class to chill out and meditate. I feel so… incredibly… ZEN… 🙂

We’re expecting up to 5 inches of snow starting late tonight/early tomorrow through Monday. Let’s hope this doesn’t impact the roads too badly…

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