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Hiatus Complete

After the 30-day challenge, my lazy side kicked in and I dwindled in the amount of times per week I practiced. I think my body just needed a chance to recover from the intense 1-month fitness regimen, along with some other personal issues that came up immediately after. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been back to the studio in about 12 days and can really feel the effects. I have, however, been working out but can tell how much tighter my body feels since I haven’t been doing the yoga to stretch & balance me out.

I decided to keep my gym membership at Lifetime Fitness in order to train for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day 8K in March. While I love to run and do yoga, I have been really, really itching to try out boxing. A friend of mine recommended LA Boxing so I think I’ll be trying out the free day trial in the next week or so. I just get so bored with the same old gym routine (which I haven’t been following this week, did an intense kickboxing workout at my gym yesterday and I can barely move today!). I feel like if I really got into boxing, my fitness level would be good enough so I could run an 8K without extensive running training.

My only reservation is my ulnar nerve entrapment from an injury 5 years ago. With too much strenuous activity, my left arm has a tendency to get really tight and the hand becomes numb.  I have done tons of research online about how to prevent this from happening but can’t find anything. All I can think of is wearing an elbow cover to protect my elbow if I choose to box (if any pressure is placed on my funny bone, the pain is excruciating and my hand goes almost completely numb). Anybody have any experience with this or know someone who has? I definitely plan on talking about this with a personal trainer and getting some recommendations.

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