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Bottomless Tummy

Week 4 of P90x is almost complete, and I have to be honest – I’m surprised. I thought this “recovery week” would be easy. Instead, I’m finding that I crash hard once a week (falling asleep as soon as I get home from work & sleeping through the whole night) AND… my appetite is endless.

I literally will eat anything in sight. All. The. Time.

Well… except for sweets. And this is coming from someone with a significant sweet tooth! I’ve cut sweets out for the most part except for Fridays, which is when I give myself a free pass.

My roommate’s boyfriend, a personal trainer and body builder, suggested upping my calorie intake. I’ve slowly begun to do this but have been careful because I don’t want to revert all the progress I’ve already made (lost 5 lbs, toned up like crazy).

Being conscious of all this, I’ve been getting better about keeping healthy options around me so I’m not gorging on nasty junk. It’s hard though, since my 1-year anniversary of pescetarianism is coming up on August 8th — sometimes I still feel like my food options are still limited and I find myself sneaking a fatty egg sandwich on starchy white bread at 7-11 on the way home after a late night. However, this all goes back to my lack of motivation to COOK! All it takes is a little extra planning at the beginning of the week. More thoughts on this to follow.

For now, think healthy snacks.

Next step, meals on the go…

Comments on: "Bottomless Tummy" (4)

  1. Snacks I like to have on hand at work / at home include:

    frozen edamame (though you should get organic) you can steam up and lightly salt or put soy sauce and wasabi powder on them for a yummy healthy filling snack with protein!

    Greek yogurt, ground flax, fresh fruit, local organic honey (good protein source, healthy, fibrous, and the honey can help with allergies! Very filling!)

    Roasted veggies– add a little salt pepper, some herbs, garlic and olive oil lightly brushed onto whatever veggies you like, roast them up in large slices, and keep them refrigerated or frozen. You can toast them in the toaster oven and add them to a piece of whole grain bread or a whole grain pita or something, with a little hummus to make a delicious roasted veggie sandwich. The hummus defeats the need for cheese or a sauce. Add fresh tomatoes or lettuce if you want.

    • Sheri D. said:

      GREAT tips, Erin…thank you! I’m definitely a sucker for frozen edamame & greek yogurt (actually JUST finished eating a chobani at work for midday snack). I absolutely love the roasted veggie/hummus idea, and will definitely be trying that out this week 🙂

  2. You can even wait to roast your veggies till you get to work if you have a toaster oven and access to a little olive oil and spices. I hate eating out when I don’t have to, esp for lunches, because somehow they always get more calories into the food than is necessary. I definitely went on a roasted veggie sandwich kick for a few weeks… haha. I’m not technically pescatarian but I don’t plan meals with meat in them (i eat them when someone else gives them to me though..) but I haven’t felt too limited in my diet. I think it helps to hear what other people cook and do though! I made some REALLY yummy salsa the other day with a lot of different types of peppers (jalepeno, cowhorn, purple bell, and some spicier varieties — I got a big freaking bag of them for $5 from the farmer’s market), some farmer’s market garlic (expensive but SO much more potent and crisp), and tomatillos all thrown in the food processor and then mixed with diced fresh tomatoes from my garden. I added a little sea salt, ground pepper, and then just some dried cilantro because I didn’t have any fresh.. YUM. I am thinking shrimp tacos maybe this week..

  3. You guys are full of good tips! I love carbs too much 😦

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