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Day 14: Vicious Cycle

Today…was definitely an off day for me. Something just didn’t feel right.

First, I took yesterday off since I did a double on Monday. Nothing at work really pissed me off, in fact, it was a good work day. Got lots done, had an offsite team meeting at Clyde’s. Ordered the delicious trout parm w/ potatoes and green beans. Delicious, but I definitely over-ate. I thought maybe it was okay since I wasn’t going to class until 8.

Then tie in the PMS symptoms. I get them BAD. Usually when I’m moody and irritable like this, I skip out on yoga. I didn’t let myself do that today.

So, I went. But I was mentally not there. I went through the poses half-assed. I felt a little bitter that they were announcing a sign-up for the 30 and 60 day challenges starting on Jan 1. Why can’t I get my name up on a wall with stars next to it? It sounds so lame typing this out but it’s how I felt… just, bitter. Then from that bitterness came guilt. Then anger. Then sadness. Then back to bitterness. It was just a vicious mental cycle and I kept trying to let go during the savasanas but they kept coming back. What a fool I am to think that being on a hot streak (no pun intended, again…ha!) for so many days would last… I think this type of thing is just bound to happen! I KNOW I’ll bounce back…

But when?

I’m not giving up. No way no how not now...

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