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Day 5: A Bit Off

Tonight’s class was interesting. To start, I don’t think I properly nourished myself today since I was extra busy at work. I drank enough water, but didn’t get my veggies or fruits. I have recently cut out (most) coffee out of my life, meaning I was a moderate coffee drinker before and only have it about once a week on this new regimen. Definitely more water, though!

I was reminded of why I didn’t like the 6pm class… it gets packed!! I got there 15 minutes before class started and still found myself wedged between two mats. On top of that, it was HOT HOT HOTter than usual and I think I sweat more than I did the first 4 days. Then to put the cherry on top, the energy of those surrounding me didn’t seem on point (with a few exceptions where we were all in unison). I’m getting better on concentrating on my own reflection, which helps, but it was hard trying to avoid the reflection of the clumsy Indian man directly behind me, stumbling to and fro in the standing series. I didn’t let this break me, though, and got through it somehow, with only one break in the standing series and a break in the floor series.

I already feel stronger.

Signed up for tomorrow’s 6am… gonna suck getting up that early (I’ve only done it twice before) but at least I’ll have my space… and my peace!

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