spiritual self-exploration through health, fitness, and nutrition

Day 2: Sore Back

I definitely felt the effects from pushing myself in Day 1, when I walked into class Friday after work with my back screaming at me. I was already thinking about the possibility of dropping out of the challenge…and it’s only Day 2! But just as class started, my instructor’s encouragement and wise words put me into my mode and I instantly felt amazing. The studio felt much hotter than Day 1 and my heart was beating out my chest for the second half of class, but I was able to keep myself present and just focus on one thing at a time… without any panic.

Morning after… sore back is gone. Hamstrings are tight, and my left hand is a little more numb than usual from my ulnar nerve injury from 5 yrs ago. I’m really hoping this challenge will not only help detox my body, but will also help regenerate some feeling back in my hand. Fingers crossed.

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