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18 Days and Going Strong

Today is Day 18 of my new pescatarian diet and so far, it’s going very well. I managed to travel 12 days in London without touching any chicken, turkey, cow, pig, or other land meat. It hasn’t been hard to avoid it.. in fact, I’ve been discovering new and DELICIOUS vegetarian dishes… eggplant parmigiano and even a vegetarian Iranian dish (ghormeh sabzi w/out the meat). The wide array of delicious vegetarian foods are always within reach for me, so that’s been the easy part. I have had absolutely no desire to eat non-veggie or fish products 🙂

Socially, I haven’t yet run across any problems. I have gotten a couple weird looks when people ask ‘why’ and I respond ‘for personal reasons.’ I find this response easier than having to go through the whole descriptive and borderline activist speech. If people can’t respect the fact that this is somewhat of a private matter to me (I say ‘somewhat’ only because I’m blogging about it!) then they can go to you-know-what 🙂

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