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Whose Podcast Is It Anyway?

I explored podcasts and vblogs for the first time this week. I’ve heard of both types of online media in the past but never actually gave them a try. Throughout and after each clip, I wondered to myself… WHO IS THE AUDIENCE?

First, I visited twit.tv and listened to the entirety of Sunday’s this week in tech. What I found most useful on this show was the talkers’ regular references to other sites, mainly backtype.com and celebrity twitter feeds. While I can find myself listening to some of the shows that twit.tv offers, I found this particular group of broadcasters slightly obnoxious. Sure, they offered some great insight on the new technologies that the world of blogging has to offer – but what’s up with the constant Seinfeld (and other) impersonations? I know they were just trying to spice up the conversation and be funny; however, I found this to become a bit tacky after a while.

I then visited Rocketboom.com. I enjoyed this site since many of the clips were under 5 minutes in length and easy to scroll through to pick and choose. The content (music and art) is also something I am interested in – so I would certainly place myself in that “audience.” Shortly after, I made a quick stop to askaninja.com. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out the purpose of this site! I quickly concluded that I was definitely not a part of the “audience” this site was aimed towards.

Webbalert.com focuses on highlights from Ted.com and is geared towards a more intellectual audience. I found myself venturing over to Ted.com to check out some of its fascinating videos. The concept of the 20-minute expert talks intrigued me to a point where I actually looked up conference dates to see when they would visit the D.C. area.

As for iTunes, I browsed through everything from President Obama’s weekly vblog to CNN’s Rachel Maddow show to Fitness clips. NPR’s  “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” reminded me of watching a studio game show, yet I learned a lot; the show gave new context to a way of keeping up with current events. My favorite of all podcasts was “This American Life,” which featured personal and narrated stories of ordinary American people. I tried listening to “CNET.com’s Buzz Out Loud” and “BoingBoing” podcasts, but those were more geared towards a specific tech-savvy audience and therefore it was harder for me to relate.

All in all, I’ve certainly found some new content to listen to while I sit and work in my office 🙂

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